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Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence!


Discover SimpleAs123, a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance your emotional intelligence.

At its core, SimpleAs123 emphasizes the distinction between feelings and emotions. Feelings arise as raw messages from your body, signaling an immediate response to an external or internal stimulus. Emotions, on the other hand, are created when the mind interprets these feelings, assigning meaning based on past experiences, patterns, and of course, unconscious material including not resolved trauma. This interpretation can be accurate, but at times, it might be skewed by the subconscious influences affecting our thinking. Consider 'e-motion' as energy in motion: it's not the raw feeling itself, but the mind's interpretation and the meaning it ascribes.

With SimpleAs123, you embark on a profound journey of self-awareness. In just three simple steps, you can identify, process, and release not desirable emotions. But it's more than just recognizing emotions; it's about delving deep to uncover the foundational feelings that give rise to them. Emotions are our mind's interpretations of these feelings, the meanings we ascribe based on past experiences, patterns, and sometimes, unconscious influences. By gaining a conscious understanding of when, where, how, and why feelings arise and how emotions are created from them, you're empowered to process and release the automatic responses our body and mind generate. This isn't merely about identifying emotions; it's a transformative experience that helps you understand their origins and master our reactions to them. Through SimpleAs123, the act of sitting still with your emotions becomes more than just a practice—it evolves into a meditative journey. This deliberate stillness, this conscious pause, deepens your connection with your inner self, fostering a heightened sense of emotional intelligence and mastery over the art of being truly present. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of ensuring that subconscious material doesn't unduly influence our thoughts and behaviors.

How It Works:

By using SimpleAs123, you can identify, process, and let go of not comfortable emotions in three simple steps.

  1. Name: Identify a feeling that is not pleasant whenever one arises. SimpleAs123 assists you in pinpointing the exact sensation, providing clarity and facilitating open communication.

  2. Process: Sit still long enough with the feeling to answer some basic questions about it to understand its origin and message, which turns into the emotion that the feeling has created. Do this until you reach clarity about its significance.

  3. Release: Let go of the emotion, the meaning you attached to the feeling, ensuring you are free from its influences on your behavior or thought process.

SimpleAs123 recognizes the importance of both conscious effort and subconscious reprogramming. While the initial stages of using the tool may require a conscious focus on understanding and processing emotions, the ultimate goal is to foster positive subconscious programming. As you continue to engage with SimpleAs123, the insights and practices you learn will gradually become ingrained in your subconscious. Over time, these new conscious choices will lead to automatic positive responses, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. SimpleAs123 is designed to guide you through this transformation, supporting you as you move from conscious effort to subconscious mastery. Embrace the journey, knowing that with time and practice, your emotional intelligence will elevate, and the positive changes will become a natural part of your life.


  • Emotional Clarity: SimpleAs123 offers a comprehensive list of feelings, ensuring you can accurately identify what you're experiencing.

  • In-the-Moment Presence: The tool emphasizes being present, allowing you to fully experience life as it unfolds.

  • Insightful Trends: View your emotional patterns over time, recognizing triggers and habitual responses.

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Experience transformation with SimpleAs123. Use the insights from this tool alongside the NOT Method to transform not positive emotions and elevate your mindset.

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