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Shetahs: Embark on Your Healing Journey

Shetah, the Edu-Healer

Welcome to Shetahs - Your gateway to profound healing and transformation. I'm Sheila Bliss, your certified Awakening Dynamics practitioner, mother, and proud Minnesotan. I'm dedicated to guiding you towards a transformative healing journey.


My path to healing was illuminated by Brent Michael Phillips' Awakening Dynamics. He unveiled the magic of the theta brain state, the potency of subconscious reprogramming, and the revolutionary Macro healing technique. This method crafts a detailed healing prayer, uploads it to the superconscious field, and with the right intention, it can be downloaded directly into a recipient. This transformative approach inspired me to share its power. At Shetahs, these Healing Macros await, offering a transformative tool for those ready to change.

Living in Minnesota alongside my husband Steven, a Lutheran pastor, and our children, I've embraced the essence of balance and harmony. This ethos is woven into every Healing Macro and personalized live session at Shetahs.

Dive into Transformation: Explore our Healing Macros or opt for a personalized live session. These Macros are not just energetic tools; they're pathways to deep, lasting change, crafted with care and intention by me.


For those seeking a more tailored experience, our live sessions provide a bespoke healing journey. Priced affordably and flexibly, they cater to both immediate relief and long-term transformation.


Shetahs isn't just a platform; it's a community. A realm where you can discover, grow, and transform. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned energy healing enthusiast, Shetahs has a treasure for you.


Are you poised for transformation? Delve into our Healing Macros, schedule a live session, or connect with me for any queries. I'm here, ready to guide you on this incredible journey.

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Join Our Healing Community Now

Embrace transformation and wellness today with Sheila's Healing Macros and personalized live sessions.

These powerful tools guide you on a journey of deep and lasting healing.

Connect with like-minded individuals in our healing community for support, shared experiences, and additional resources.

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